Ohio, United States

Occupation: printer
Interests: I am hopelessly addicted to all sorts of stuff. (see below)
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I am 43, (for another 2 months at least) happily married to a great woman who puts up with a whole lot of crap from me. So far, the only thing she can't abide is when my celluclay gets a little gamey and stinks up the office. We have two wonderful sons. I live in the Charlotte metro region of N.C. (if you are in the area, feel free to PM me).I work for a large international copier company, and at present manage a print shop for them at one of the regions largest Hospital chains. I have just recently gotten back into modeling after a twenty year hiatus.I have always been interested in it, and wanted to start doing it again, but found one apathetic reason or another not to stymie my desire. Only recently have I been able to get started, and that was thru the help of a good friend who does fantastic work, and it kind of inspired me to try it again. That, and if and when my boys show an interest, I'd like to be able to at least show them how to do some cool stuff. That, and the fact that you learn history thru model making. One of the things that has always kept WWII fresh in my interests, is that my Uncle was in the 28th infantry, and participated in the Battle of the Huertgen forest. I believe that as time progresses, I might stick to the exploits of the "Bloody Bucket" as a repeating topic for my dioramas. I also have a keen interest in the Eastern front too. Particularly battles like Kursk, and the Warsaw Uprising. I'd some day like to do a diorama involving The White Rose. I am an avid fisherman (Fresh, salt, and fly), though I dont get out nearly as much as I'd like at present. I also hunt, mostly hunt deer and hog. Again, not nearly enough. I dont trophy hunt (unless the opportunity presents itself), and I only take one kill per year. I mostly enjoy sitting way up in a swaying tree dressed really warmly being rocked back and forth in the peace and quiet for hours. I also dabble with Shortwave radio, and count astronomy as one of my great loves. I play waaaaaay too much "Call of Duty". Despite all this burly man type stuff, I also like a nice quiet afternoon in Caribou coffee drinking non-fat latte(in lieu of a Cafe duMonde Cafe Au-lait and beignets) reading. I read anything from Stephen Ambrose, to Kierkegaard to James Lee Burke to Edna St. Vincent Millay. My favorite poets are Charles Baudelaire and Chuck Bukowski. I am a slave to Cajun food and any type of seafood. I cook a good chilli and a mean London Broil. I once hit Vanilla Ice between the eyes with a Walnut from 25 feet away.

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