England - North West, United Kingdom

Occupation: Warehouse Operative
Username: madnursegaz


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I'm Gaz, and I'm a careless and impatient kit assembler! My main modelling interest is fighter aircraft of WWII and the Cold War in 1/72, especially European theatres in both cases.Maritime and Naval aviation is another interest, and I occasionally build Armour, in 1/72 or 1/35. Away from modelling, I read science fiction, my favourite authors are Niven and Asimov, enjoy cinema and theatre, watch Military History documentaries, Quiz shows and Game of Thrones! Alternate history is another interest. I also build PCs and enjoy cooking- my "signature dish" is Pork Steaks in Honey and Cider!- and home brewing of beer and cider. I am a father of 4, stepfather of 5, grandfather of 12 and great-grandfather of 1! Rock and classical are my preferred music, I've mostly given up playing guitar these days

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