England - South West, United Kingdom

Interests: Tanks, Trucks . Aircraft 1930 to 1970s. Stuff from the 1930s including cars from the 1930s.
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I've been making models since my dad bought me an Airfix WW1 tank in about 1977. Along time ago now. I spent about 8 years making architectural models but I radically changed my job and moved away from that sort of thing 15 years ago. I've been making masters for Resicast since about 1995. The D7, The Ram Tanks , Leyland Retrievers. And now a Comet all in 1/35th scale. The Comet is thoroughly detailed including a complete engine. I have finally finished it and I hope to have a resin prototype on display on Grahams Display at Duxfords Mavfa show this year.

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