Alabama, United States

Occupation: photojournalist
Interests: photography....that's just about all i'm qualified to do...
Username: kglack43


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Grewup in the 50's-60's on Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama... Did some models as a child, planes, subs, sci-fi and monsters... then again in the early 80's for a couple years....been another 25 years and have reheated my interest because i was surfin the internet one day and wandered across this site.==== Photographer from over 35 years. News, sports, portraits. Spent 8 years ( 3 governors) in the Governor's office photographing one guy, every day. Now, however, i am now 10 years on as Chief Photographer for Troy University. Married to my soulmate and a very wonderful and understanding woman. She's given me four ( edit) make that five children, three (edit) four sons and a daughter. Oh yeah yeah yeah big BEATLES FAN. Pushing 60. Almost three years sober and very happy and surprised.

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