Ohio, United States

Occupation: student
Interests: Battlefield series, military history, modeling, model rocketry
Username: jinithith2


About jinithith2
I am from the homeland of Academy (I boast about it all the time) and I am currently studying here in the USA. I guess I picked up modeling from a friend, and from then on, I have continued to model, as I found it as a positive way to relieve the stress (I used to kick walls but...). I love all subjects in all scales except autos and those unusual scales like 1/87 and 1/528 (?). Every summer, I go to ROK for a visit and come back with as many Academy model kits that I can carry/send for cheap 'cause you know, no overseas charges applied to the models! Right now, my biggest project is rectifying an Academy M36 Jackson 1/35 that I built ever so horribly last year.

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