No Regional Selection, Singapore / 新加坡

Occupation: Technology Analyst
Interests: Scale Modelling and Web Development.
Username: jazza


About jazza
Modelling Background I first started modelling at the age of 14 years old where i mainly constructed 1/72 scale planes and was exclusively painting them using a paint brush as i couldnt afford anything more than that. After which i took a 12 year break before resuming back to modelling more seriously. I started back on planes before realising that i was more interested in armor due to its ability to perform weathering more intensively than on planes. I've been hooked onto armor ever since. Military Background I enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces as a Combat Engineer, serving as an amphibious raft commander supporting the armor division over water obstacles. I ended my military career after two years and four months to further pursue my academic goals. Academic Background I graduated with a Masters degree in Information Systems with honours in 2003 before moving into the telecommunication industry as a technology analyst.

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