Hamilton, New Zealand

Occupation: Artist
Interests: Complaining about young people and how it wasn't like that in my day.
Username: gremlinz


About gremlinz
47 year old Male Kiwi. Four daughters, one ex wife, one new wife, two cats, large cupboard full of "I'm sure I'll build it one day" models. I run three modelling related websites, www.militarymodels.co.nz, www.wwimodeller.co.nz and www.wwiimodeller.co.nz as well as help moderate the local forums www.kiwimodeller.com. Somewhere I fit in time to build around six models a year, usually 1/35 armour, always with a diorama. I tend to never sugar coat things so I do sometimes come off as a bit gruff online, that's just because the interweb doesn't translate particularly well. I'm really a big softie, at least my wife and kids think so, not so sure about the former daughters' boyfriends.

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