Berlin, Germany

Occupation: Medical Physician
Interests: enjoying life, (rarely) my motorbike, good SciFi-Movies, reading, photographing, history and more...
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Hello to everybody! As many of you, I reactivated my hobby after decades. Now with better kits, tools, supplies, colors etc., which I had to purchase first and fill up my stock with. Started modelling in my childhood with any kind of kits in any scale and any period, mostly Revell & Airfix, painted with Enamels. Around 100 Models (Aircrafts, Cars, Ships, Motorcycles) filled up my room in the 70īs. After leaving parent's home I all were trashed (sic..., some fine and rare kits from todays point of view! Some unbuild kits survived). Anyway, letīs start again! And my main focus is now the aircraft-section. As a mostly passive user of AEROSCALE at the beginning, I picked up tips, suggestions, kit-reviews & build logs. What I saw was really great modelling with impressive work by very skilled people!!! After started up again, I try now to go ahead with each build I start as time and my still limited level allows . See you hopefully in the topics .... try to improve my english as well ;o) Thomas

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