England - North West, United Kingdom

Occupation: graphic designer
Interests: scale modelling, football, motorsports, reading, travel
Username: flitzer


About flitzer
Greetings to all. My real name is Peter Allen and I have recently returned to UK from working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a creative director in an advertising agency. My home town is Wigan in the north of England. Iím married to Emily, a Polish lass who tolerates my modelling well. Iíve worked around the Arabian Gulf since 1982, having spells in Bahrain (a great little place) and Dubai. On and off, Iíve been modelling since I was 6 and have covered most subjects as a youngster. My Dad bought me my first kit shortly before he died, so it was my Mother who helped me, inspired and encouraged by my cousin Paul. I did have a long phase during the eighties doing racing cars, F1 and Le Mans models and still have an extensive stash of these tucked away in the attic. But I have always done WW2 aircraft and got turned on to Luft 46 stuff, termed experimental then, when I came across a book, which I canít remember the title of, back in the sixties at the local library. I was hooked and still am. Maybe as a graphic designer and interested in design in general , Iím drawn to the conceptual element. Today the standard I achieve is adequate under the circumstances in which I build. What would I not give for the eyesight and steady hand of my youth today. But the need to model surpasses all. I have a number of models in the gallery on the Unicraft Models site if anyone cares to surf over for a look-see. What I like about Armorama is the great spirit and the humour. Criticism is always constructive with help and advise the ultimate aim. After all, most of us have benefited from learning from others and me more than most. Itís a welcoming place and itís nice to feel at home amongst friends.

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