Illinois, United States

Occupation: building maintenance
Interests: racing pigeons,snakes,fishing
Username: flakgunner


About flakgunner
I've been building models for 30 years now,all WWII era,started with 1/48 airplanes,then went towards 1/48 armor(mid 70's),I've been married for 24 years,w/3 sons,3 daughters.Son #2,started graping my WWII armor in 1/35 scale.that i had lying around,from garage sales&auctions,id pick these up,trading for 1/48 armor,he's been working on them for 2+ years now,and much of my spare time is spent helping him,where now casting our own resin parts,and even I've been building,1/35 armor,choosing to stash in 1/48 armor in the closet for now.additions to the family include 2 dogs(Black lab & Blue Heeler),two 55gal aquariums,7 racing pigeons,"oketee" Red Rat snake,"hypo"Red Rat snake,Baird's Rat snake,Fox snake,Outer Banks Kingsnake,stripped chocolate California Kingsnake,,5ft. Bull snake,Indonesian Garter snake,odd,light phased western plains garter snake,Sulcata tortoise.we spend a good amount of time fishing(catfish#1).

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