Ontario, Canada

Occupation: Medical Lab Technologist
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I have been modelling on and off for most of my life really. I took a rather long break while I was in the Army and re discovered the hobby when I went back to University. My main area of interest is Canadian Armour of the Second world War. I have a real love of the Sherman tank especially the Firefly and I don't think I will ever tire of the OD monsters. It's a real challenge to make a monotone beast stand out. I would diagnose myself with having a severe case of AMS and I can see no cure for it in sight. It was easier to quit smokeing than it is to keep form applying resin or PE..LOL. I work as a Laboratory Technologist and I also have a small business on the side making hand made Pens and other small items out of wood.

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1.MK III 4inch hold and foldBY THE SMALL SHOP ENGLISH

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