Michigan, United States

Occupation: editor
Interests: music, art, home building,
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I've always been interested in all things military, weather it be planes, tanks, ground forces. My main interest is united states modern military. Although I was never part of any armed force. I was a automotive painter for quite some time, and I think that experience really helps me out doing some of my models. I started in Feburary of this year, and I'am totally hooked. I had done a few in the past, which where cars, but never really showed too much interest. It was'nt untill this year in january when I came done with a bad cold, someone suggested that I do a model to pass the time. And the rest is history. I've been modeling since and probally spent way to much. I have alot of other hobbies like, playing music (I'm in a band), home consruction, working on cars, etc. But unlike other hobbies I've had, this one is just for me. It seems like a lot of other things get a little too complex, then the go from being just a hobby to a job ex: being in a band, working on cars. When that happens you lose a little love for it, and its just not the same after that. Modeling is different though. I have no desire to be some professional modeler or something like that. I just enjoy doing it for my self and the challenge of it all.

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