Florida, United States

Occupation: private security
Interests: plastic figures/soldiers, fishing, flea markets, ebay,military modeling - of course!
Username: earwig61


About earwig61
I served in the corps from 82-89 as an 0848 (Arty Ops Chief) and an 8511 (DI), leaving with the rank of SSGT(E6). After 12 years of Ct. State work, I now work private security in Florida. Modeling mostly plastic armor in all scales, ( 1/160 - 1/32), for about six years, on and off, doing tanks, soft skins, figures, and arty, mostly WWII allied. My last project was a resin M5 High Speed Tractor, and a plastic 155mm towed Howitzer. Currently, I'm working on a Testers Area 51 UFO flying Saucer, of all things! I'm also working on a 1/72 Japanese Fuel Truck for the "Move It" campaign. I've been in Southwest Florida a year, originally from Connecticut. I'm a definate family man with a good size brood. Enjoying the fishing and beaches, and not the hurricanes. Can't say the snow and ice is missed much at all, however. If you read all this, my hats off to you, thank you for your time! Tom

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