California, United States

Occupation: graphic design
Interests: art, graphic design, history, languages.
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I've been model building since I was a child. I build model cars (mainly 50s and 60s and hot rods), model planes (WWII and early jets), trains (HO and N), and anything else that strikes a chord. Having a full time job and going to college nights; my production of built models is quite glacial. I do have at least a dozen on-going projects which I hope to complete one day. I've lived in Burbank, California USA since 1974. My family and I lived near the skunk works for about 20 of those years. I remember hearing Lockheed test strange sounding engines in the middle of the night and early morning hours. My dad worked on the flight instruments for the U2 and the SR71, and I got my love of aircraft from him. The photo you see as my avatar is of me having my after-supper smoke circa 1973.

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