New Jersey, United States

Occupation: Quality Assurance Professional andn Engineer
Interests: Cycling, Running, coaching soccer, comic books
Username: discordian


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When I was young my mother got me into scale modeling as way to teach me patience. I built models of all sorts over the years (but mostly WWII aircraft and Armor), taking breaks here and there. Until I got married and started a family it was tradition for my Dad to get me a new model every Christmas. I switched modes to painting Dungeons and Dragons miniatures for a while in and after college. The last model I finished was Tamiya's 1/350 Yamato in '98 or so. Now, over 10 years later, I'm getting back into it and seeing if it rubs off on my 6 year old son... so far so good, he's done a couple Snap-Tite's with me. I'm kicking it back off with a Revell-Monogram 1/48 P51 and have been using this site as a reference for techniques that never occurred to me years ago... Ain't the internet great? I even bought my first airbrush! Onward!

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