Connecticut, United States

Occupation: AMMO: of Mig Jimenez
Interests: In addition to managing AMMO: of Mig Jimenez USA, I am also a student of design & a student of S.E. Asian cultural hitory. I am also working to promote scale modeling to younger generations of modelers.
Username: collin26


About collin26
Modeling was introduced to me at a very young age by my father who was a scale railroad modeler. My interest in history led me in the direction of scale tanks & aircraft. This input, combined with a fasination with drawing and painting, made a modeler out of me very early in life. The work of Francois Verlinden inspired countless hours of painting practice. In more recent years I found inspiration and education from the art work of Mig Jimenez, Mike Rinaldi, Per Olav Lund, Rick Lawler, Rob Ferrera and many others. I am dedicated to finding ways to introduce scale modeling to younger generations of modelers. I feel that that the artistic abilities and historical education gained from scale modeling is invaluable and should be introduced to the "video game" generations. Introducing our art to younger generations will ensure a bright future for modeling filled with fresh faces and inovative ideas!

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