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I started modeling when I was probably 5 or 6. I remember my Dad helping me build a big Consolidated B-24 Liberator airplane. I also built some small ships and cars. I always wanted to build armor. I've always had an interest in it. When I was young, we never went anywhere that had any armor models for sale. Consequently, I never really built any. I also had a couple of friends at church that I looked up to. I thought they were so cool...probably because they were teenagers and didn't mind hanging out with me even though I was several years younger than them. They built armor models and I was always amazed at how cool their models were. It was many years later and I was done with school, had a job, a wife, a house, etc. I was looking through some of my old stuff in my parents basement that I never moved out. I saw my old Tamiya M60A1 kit sitting there that I bought in high school and never finished. I brought it home, worked on it and it totally got my interest going again. I found the greatest local hobby shop that I've ever seen. The shop carries everything imaginable and my whole world has been opened up to modeling again. Armorama has been a great help too! I had no idea about the depth of this hobby. I didn't even know that all the aftermarket stuff existed! It's been a great ride since I started modeling again a couple of years ago and I hope to continue long into the future.

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