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I was born in 1974 and started modelling in the 80ies. The first models I remember are a MiG 21 F-13, Saab Draken (both 1/100) and the Tu-2 (72) all from the east German producer Plastikart. during my first years I built all kind of models mainly 1/72 and 1/100. Beside the mentioned Plasticart kits they were also from kopro and a few from Soviet and Polish manufacturers. All were painted with brushes and no special modelling paints After I got access to other models in the 90ies I also build Hasegawa, Matchbox, Revell, Airfix and Heller kits and others .... i also started to use the first basic airbrush (Revell with Perri Air ) About 1995 I decided to go a number larger and started to build 1/48 and some 1/35 military stuff too. Time went by and I got a little better in what I did, so it was time for some investments .. a new, better air brush and a compressor. i mainly built German Luftwaffe aircraft in those days ... aces. For a diversion I started allied aces, then axis, then WW1. I always liked to visit modelling shows and spend some time in shops talking and opening boxes. So in 2000 I got in contact with some modellers from IPMS Deutschland who lived in my home town ... so after a short time I filled the form and became a member. My private modelling homepage, which I started during my curse of studies, got a little make up and became IPMS D website. It evolved into a larger site with a lot of visitors each day ... it could be more, but I kept it German only so the audience is more limited than for Aeroscale, HS, ARC, Cybermodeller, MM and other English modelsites ... OTOH pix tell more than a 1000 words ;) Back to modelling. In 2005 I made another change ... I focussed on one scale (1/48) and expanded my area of interest: a/c of all times and purpose and military vehicles too (at the moment mosly WW2 German).

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