New Jersey, United States

Occupation: Hydratizer and doctor of chronic fibulosus treatment (hint:not real)
Interests: WWI reenacting, R/C aircraft modelling,Boy Scouts/camping/hiking,militaria,history,my pet rats
Username: airwarrior


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Hmmm, so you wanna know about me? Well, for starters I am 16 years old, and have been modeling since I was about 7 or 8. When my parents found they were having me, they decided to give up smoking, and to keep them from having the option of buying cigarrettes, they would buy as many kits as they could. They built for a while, but my mom moved on to do online text based roleplaying games, and my dad moved onto R/C aircraft (Which I do too, coincidentally). That left many unbuilt plane kits for me to expell my creative desire upon. I was motivated by the history of many of the planes, (I had been addicted to the history channel for almost all of my existence) the cool boxart, and sometimes pamphlets of Shep Paine's (My Hero) dioramas. I still love the crashed B-17, which later motivated me to experiment with battle damaged aircraft. I ended up having an ME-262 riddled with heated pin holes. I never attempted damage aircraft again. And so I continued, usually building without paint and decals, until I was about 10, when I recieved an old book about the battle of the bulge that had pictures of models made into dioramas to illustrate. (Several burning model tanks too, the image of a melting panther spewing black smoke comes to mind) I came fascinated by the idea of plastic model tanks after that, and asked for one for christmas. Lo and behold, I found an Italeri Panther Ausf.A under the tree. After that, I recieved a Tamiya M4A3 Sherman, so I could have a "Good Guy" to fight the German. The rest, as they say, is history.

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