Virginia, United States

Occupation: unemployed
Interests: British military subjects,especially in the post-WWII era (my son and I both wear DPM jackets!) and collecting militaria af any kind. I know more about Military Land Rovers than is healthful, but it saves me from being married. I also enjoy collecting 5


I started building models at age 7-an Aurora UH-1B Huey! I mostly built Naval Aviation subjects in my early years (planned on being a USMC helo pilot), but started building more and more armour at about age 16--although I still love building helicopters, especially Hueys. With the Falklands war, I became interested in modern British subjects, especially Land Rovers and figures in DPM camouflage. Needless to say, kits in these areas have been scarce until recently. I am a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute with a BA in history and spent 7 years in the US Air Force Reserve as an Intelligence Officer (O-3). Actually, I credit my knowledge of military hardware to my modelling hobby and spending hours pouring over the Squadron catalogs of th mid 1970's. It is great when one can tie in their hobby to a job!

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