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I started in,, maybe in 1965. I know my parents were relived to have me sit still for an hour. By '67 I was doublefisting, and gaining complexity. At 8; I became adept at tag swaping, to sustain the level of my habit. By '68 and '69: my challenge was Flyable Full Frame Balsa BiPlanes w/ doped paper made from penciled outline scratch with an X-acto. I also loved Large Carriers full of people and planes; and my pretend pond wars - learning about burning a dozen to the waterline; and made a half-dozen more. I loved funny cars, dragsters and workable V8's. My Dad; (who built a HeathKit color TV/...soldering every resistor and capacitor. - tested every tube/ and drove an hour and a half just to get a replacement tube once.), wanted to teach me how to build a model cleaner rather than faster ...So... soon after the '66 - 24 Hour Le Mans race in France, he bought both of us the new 'IMC' Ford GT 40 Mk II kit, and we did a build off. I didn't learn 'cleaner' so much as ..how fun a really high end model can be. Later.. At the age of 13 /new base/ I was asked to make models for the USArmy. Got to build 30+Tamiya's (no paint) in a year for dio and training specs. .. Recently I purchaced a 1/12 Ford GT 40 Mk II; to make in his memory. I am currently reacquiring my skills to build this honorarium.

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