Nevada, United States

Occupation: Writer/Photographer
Interests: WWII military history, Models (armor, aircraft, ships), Computers, electric guitar, my family
Username: Spiff


About Spiff
I have been an avid student of military history for over 35 years, especially World War II with my focus mostly on German military equipment (tanks and aircraft). I'm especially interested in anything relating to the Eastern Front and North Africa. My Dad ignited my passion for modeling when I was a kid, and I remember being fascinated with what we built (X-15, Saturn V, P-40 flying Tiger, cool stuff!). I left the hobby for a while during my college years when fun and girls were my hobbies, and then was busy raising kids. Now that the kids are older I have lots of time and resources which I devote to my passions of studying military history and building models. For me, modeling is about creating a miniature representation of a moment in time. I try to honor the men and machines with all my builds, and love to research all my subjects. By day I'm the Training Supervisor for the largest gaming company (Slots and Casino Systems) in the world. I have over 12 years experience in writing, course development and training.

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