Michigan, United States

Occupation: Truck Driver
Interests: History, Computers, Photography, Motorcycles, and Travel
Username: Shadowfax


About Shadowfax
Born and raised in Michigan, I still live here in the metro-Detroit area. After traveling the US in an 18 wheeler, I think Michigan is one of the best places to live. A diversity of terrain, and a spectrum of climates, the worst that can happen is a snow storm and occasional tornado. Educated at Michigan Tech, in the western upper peninsula of Michigan, I have a BS in Biology/Ecology and an Associates in Forestry Technology. During college and after moving out of parent's house, I stopped building. I tough myself computer repair and re-build, and dabbled in that for 5 years or so. With the death of my father, I fell into a slump that I am still struggling with. I took up motorcycle riding and learned to drive a "big rig". I started building in 1975 and have been off and on over the years. It's on again! After stopping at the Heartland Military Museum in Lexington, Nebraska, the spark to build lit the fire again. I have taken a liking to wheeled support vehicles of late... Road wheels and track links are too repetitious. I am a founding and active member of the Motor City Armor & Figure Society.

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