Indiana, United States

Occupation: Army National Guard Maintenance Specialist
Username: SFC_StJohn


About SFC_StJohn
I have served in the Indiana Army National Guard as a traditional member for 18 years (I have been full time for the last 15 years). My entire career has been dedicated to maintenance. In my current full time position I serve as the Maintenance Specialist for the Directorate of Surface Maintenance for Indiana. My traditional assignments have ranged from TAMMS (The Army Maintenance Manangement System) clerk to Motor Sergeant to Mobilization NCO to Logistics NCO. I have served in several different types of units (Armored Cavalry, Mechanized Infantry, Signal, Installation Support Units & Straight Leg Infantry). My current unit of assignment is HQ (-) STARC where I serve as a Logistics NCO for the Directorate of Logistics. I am relatively new to modelling, I have completed 9 models to date. I only work on 1/35th scale armor (armor has been my career long passion!). I have been addicted to this website since I discovered it a few weeks back, this has been a gold mine of information!

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