England - South West, United Kingdom

Occupation: Formerly Sail maker/Tent Maker/Leatherwork
Interests: Sailing, reading anything and everything, gardening, home improvement, historical re-enactment
Username: Noddy4000


About Noddy4000
Born in Somerton, Somerset. Parents were both Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm. Father served in Phantom squadrons hence my love for 'hardware'. Moved to soggy Cornwall in 1972 and never escaped the place. Started an apprenticeship in 1984 to become a sail maker and spent 23 years in the trade, working in the Falmouth area. I ended up specialising in upholstery and covers and unusual stuff (for a predominately marine business) including car hoods for a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Triumph Stag and Spitfire, covers etc for a DUKW, Mini Moke, some helicopters, landing craft, deck guns...you name it. Started my own small business in July 2007 making Medieval tents of all shapes and sizes for the historical re-enactment market, but also did commission work for local camp sites etc as well as still doing some boat related work. Had four months solid of work to do (going flat out and then some) plus another two pending when I fell ill. As that happened I was then offered the chance for enough work from a friend that I had a possible whole year's worth of work ahead of me by the end of my second year in business. Sigh.... So now I make models, having fun, watching my young kids grow and I am also now collecting info on armoured personnel carriers, steadily growing my selection of tools and skills - and hoping to become a useful member of society again by making custom, short run, resin model kits and diorama accessories. I hope!

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