Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: Network Administrator
Interests: Firearms, adventure books, educational TV (TLC, DISCOVERY, HISTORY), cooking
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I have been building models since I was about ten years old. My uncle, who a the time lived in Holland, introduced me to model-building by giving me some of his unbuilt kits. They were mostly Tamiya's German Armor and figures. I immediately caught the bug so to speak. Like many others, I put my hobby on a shelf for a few years while I attended high school and college. Girls and partying were also more interesting at that time. I finally got back into models after getting married 17 years ago. My wife, although not interested in my hobby, is very supportive and on occasion has given me some good advice. I guess it is good to have an objective point of view once in a while. My main focus is on figures and dioramas. I am not really an armor guy but will put a tank or an APC or some sort of a soft-skin vehicle into my dio if necessary. They play a supporting role as opposed to being the main subject. Call me crazy but I think that it is the figure or figures that tell the story not armor.

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