Jönköping, Sweden

Occupation: Motorcycle designer/engineer.
Interests: Bikes, bikes, bikes!
Username: LongKnife


About LongKnife
Hi. I'm a fortyish engineer that has the privilege to work with what i like the most - Motorcycles in scale 1:1. Like many people here, I had modelling as a hobby in my youth, but most of the planes I built at the time got blasted to pieces with firecrackers, while gliding from my bedroom window on a fishing line. Then came the bikes... Some time ago a friend got fooled back into modelling by his son. My friend fooled me, in his turn. So nowadays, when the winter covers Sweden, and motorcycling gets dangerous, i turn to my desk. Plan is to build all possible swedish propeller fighters in 1:48 before retirement. That will be a hard task considering all other projects you, my fellow modellers, tend to lure me into!

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