England - South East, United Kingdom

Occupation: Primary School Site Manager
Interests: Listening to Music (varied tastes), tidying my work room, Crystal Palace FC and sleeping.
Username: Jasonbee71


About Jasonbee71
I have been modelling since the winter of 1999 as a bit of a stop gap due to the fact I had just started a new job I was in debt and money was tight so after a visit to a local model shop I bought the Tamiya Sd.kfz 223 which was built badly by myself and my Step Dad and so it began. I started out building 1/35 WW II German AFV's however recently I have been building the odd British and Russian tanks in 1/48 scale, although at the moment I am up to my neck in WWI British tanks. I am a member of the IPMS UK Kit Maker Network Branch The British Bulldogs and a member of MAFVA, as a modeller I am no way as prolific as I should be or could be and have long bouts of inactivity as I struggle with periods of having no motivation. I try to attend as many shows a year that I can with my partner in crime Kerry and we always look forward to attending Scale model world in Telford with our club The Bulldogs in November every year. Early in 2017 I started my own modelling blog The Average Modeller which came about whilst reviewing a Diopark Mercedes for Armorama it also gives me the opportunity to rattle on about my view point on the hobby how I see it and my struggles with it. I am lucky enough to have my own dedicated work room that I refurbished early in 2018 that is packed to the ceiling with loads of things I may never get round to building but hey you never know!!!!!. I do have a cull ever so often yet it never looks any different especially as I have kind of added to it quite a bit ever since. Jasonbee71 (12/2018).

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