Louisiana, United States

Occupation: Mechanic
Interests: 1971-1975 Uncle Samís Roil Canoe Club (US Navy). Hunting, Fishing, raising my Wolfs, 1911 Colt 45ís Springfield M1aís and my favorite FN-LR (L1-A1)
Username: Graywolfgang


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Been modeling from about the age of 6. Most everything lost during Hurricane Betsy in 64 and then again in Hurricane Camille. Dad thought me they werenít toys. The aircraft got hung from the selling; the cars got put on the shelf. Did mostly 72 aircraft and 24 & 25 scale cars back then. Got into 1/35 scale armor and 1/48 scale aircraft when I was in the Navy back in the early 70ís. 1971-1975 Uncle Samís Royal Canoe Club (US Navy). Been building mostly 1/35 armor lately, rain out of room for my aircraft. Love to Dear hunt, and fishing. Wasting lead with my 1911 Colt 45 and my 7.62 NATO FAL - L1-A1, and rideing my motorcycle (98 Honda Valkyrie 1500c)

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