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I started modeling when I was 5 or 6 years old. At first with my father and later on my own. The first kits I built were the Aurora monster series and then later, many of the Tom Daniels 1/24 cars. I have such fond memories of those that I recently tracked down and bought all of the old monster and car kits (most are re-releases) I could find on e-bay. I've been working figure kits in, substituting one in here and there between aircraft, auto, ship, spacecraft, and other subjects. In high school I discovered another hobby, as I'm sure many did, girls! I continued to dabble in modeling on and off throughout college, my twenties, and thirties but was never very good. I was always too impatient. I rediscovered modeling in my forties. For the first time, i really stared to take my time with kits and discovered that I'm actually a lot better than I thought I was. In fact, I'm even looking forward to trying my hand at a few contests. I enjoy most modeling subjects but some of the figure kits have been my favorites. I really enjoyed Herman and Grandpa Munster and Moe and Larry (I installed flickering LEDs in the torches of both of these). I've still got Curly in the stash. I am looking forward to trying some armor in the not too distant future. Dominick

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