Texas, United States

Occupation: Marketing Director
Interests: music, history, painting, FOOD!
Username: BobTavis


About BobTavis
I came to model making late in life as I spent most of my life as an artist, illustrator, photographer, videographer, producer, musician, composer, writer and not least of all, raising a family. I am fifty-seven years old. I started about six years renewing my childhood interest in miniatures and decided to tackle subjects that were a little bit different. Most of my work is for collectors and I sell just about everything I do. My take on this hobby is the same as anything else that there is always room for "art." I do not have a particular era of interest as I am a student of history and find many, many fascinating aspects that lend themselves to these little mini-movies I like to create. I have been fortunate enough to have met some of the best people in the hobby and have had many wonderful and educational conversations that have all gone to help me in my own personal journey. Modelers are some of the nicest and generous people and I think that alone makes the whole endeavor worth every minute of involvement. My best advice to any modeler is to have patience, perseverance and passion. If you are doing what you like then the rest will come easy. I also recommend copious amounts of Mountain Dew and coffee.

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