Kentucky, United States

Interests: Model building, hot rods, music, movies. video games...pretty much any of them that are fun.
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Well not much to say about myself really. I'm 33 years old. Been building models off and on since i was 14 or 15 ish. Built a little bit of everything but fell in love with armor when I saw some old Verlinden items and couldn't believe how real they looked! Got into armor really heavy around 2000-2004. Did some competing when I lived in Virginia. IPMS Nova competitions and managed to compete at an AMPS in 04. Moved back to Ky not too long after that and I had become so obsessed with detail and my (in my opinion)lack of skill :) that I got very burnt out on it. It became more of a chore to build something than a hobby. So I took about a year and a half off from building anything and now(end of 09), I'm chomping at the bit to build again. I feel like I re-found my first love lol. But...I can't build anything yet because I donated all the kits I had to another modeller as I thought I would never build anything again. That's what I get for thinkin I guess! As soon as I get my hands on something to build, everyone here will probably get tired of seeing my name!

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