Arizona, United States

Occupation: Preparing to be Missionary/Evangelist
Username: AIRB842586


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I was born on Long Island, NY. My father was a fireman and it was him who got me started on modeling before I could walk. I used to "help" him with his models until I began building my own at around 7 or 8. Those turned out to be some interesting pieces of work, but, thankfully, my skills developed (and still are) with every model. I used to try something new on every model and tried everything I ever read in FSM. I don't build as much quantity as many others, but I always put a lot into one project at a time, each one always more difficult and complicated than the previous, the next always something new. I enjoy the detail work, historical accuracy is my favorite part and sometimes is requires a great deal of care and skill that I didn't know I had until I pushed myself into it. I can't think of a more satisfying way to spend time, aside from evangelism. It's my personal goal to further the kingdom of God, which leads me to ask: What would happen to you if you died right now? This isn't about anything other than the unwavering love God has towards you and Him wanting you to know it! God Bless You! Please, PM me, Matt

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