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Model Finishes and Painting
Model Finishes and Painting Techniques
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by: Russ Amott [ RUSSAMOTTO ]


The Video Workbench series of instructional videos is designed to teach the "three T's of modeling: Tips, Tools and Techniques." The series of videos covers everything from basic modeling to advanced techniques in specific areas of modeling, including building propeller and jet powered aircraft, science fiction models, figures, cars, basic modeling, and the subject of this review, model finishes and painting techniques.


For most modelers, painting and finishing the model are the most difficult parts of the build process. Model Finishes and Painting Techniques is a 60 minute video guide that covers the basics of airbrush painting , with some information on painting from a spray can and with a brush. Host Chuck Davenport, an experienced modeler, presents the information in a brief but clear manner. He discusses the types of paints available, surface preparation, masking of parts, how to achieve high gloss finishes, natural metal and camouflage finishes for aircraft, armor finishing, surface detailing, highlighting with an airbrush, oil washes, weathering and making your own decals. He also demonstrates how to achieve panel shading on an all black surface.


The video was made in 1992 and some of the information is dated. Some techniques, such as rubbing aluminum powder into a varnished surface to get a gloss metal surface, have been replaced by more modern paints and techniques. However, many of the details shown provide good instruction and can be of benefit to those who are getting into airbrushing. The portion of the video on panel shading on an all black aircraft was very well done as it demonstrates clearly how to obtain variety in detail on an otherwise featureless surface.

The video is available online at VideoWorkbench as a DVD for $14.95, with free shipping in the US, or as a digital download for $9.95.

Sample video clips can be found Here on Video Workbench's website.
Highs: Good instruction on the use of an airbrush and how to obtain different finishes and features.
Lows: Some information is dated, with new products available to replace the demonstrated techniques.
Verdict: This is a good and informative guide for modelers who are new to airbrushing.
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 07, 2012

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