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Super Fine Cement

by: Mark Pieters [ BEAGLE_LICIOUS ]

Well, well, well. After discovering Testors liquid glue in the late seventies I went into semi retirement for sixteen years thinking this was the best thing around. When I decided to try my hand (shaking a bit at 35 years old..) again at models a few months ago, I bought umpteen bottles of my beloved Testor's so that I had plenty of stock on hand for all the dusty kits in my closet.On a recent trip out of town I decided to hit the local hobby stores to see what my small town hobby stores were missing out on.

I found a bottle of Tamiya's super fine cement. I bought it and when I returned home, tried it out thinking it couldn't be any better than other "liquid" cements. How wrong I was! First of all, it comes in a square, squat bottle. No accidental knock overs. The brush included (attached to underside of cap) is very small. This allows precision and controlled application of glue. Even though its a small brush, the glue flows extremely well. It goes everywhere and the bonding time is fast.

I used to wait days for a complete cure with the Testor's.I wait about two hours with the Tamiya. The glue itself doesn't smell as bad either. I can't attest to its mind altering abilities, as I am not into that kind of thing, but I would suggest using a ventilator or fan of some type to keep the fumes at bay. Did I mention how well it flows? The net result is that after four kits using the Tamiya glue, I have yet to leave a fingerprint due to over application of glue!

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I am not a pro builder by any means but I know the differnce when I see it, and this product is recommended! I give it a 9 out of 10 only 'cause I haven't tried out all them fancy super glues yet.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 17, 2001
  NATIONALITY: United States

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