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Custom Grip Handle
Custom Grip Handle
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by: Keith Forsyth [ DOCDIOS ]

The TR range of airbrushes caused quite a stir when they hit the market a couple of years ago, going against the normally perceived airbrush with the top mounted control button, to having a front mounted trigger similar to the one found on larger industrial examples. I was lucky enough to have reviewed the TR 2 airbrush back in 2007and have been a convert and user ever since, even turning one or two other modellers to the benefits of the design over the years. Although the TR design is fine, it does require the addition of the external moisture trap for it to sit comfortably in the hand. Iwata obviously acting on the feed back they have received on this range of brushes have acted by releasing a small plastic grip to make the operation that much better.
Custom Grip Handle
The Custom Grip handle is as it says on the tin, it is designed purely for the TR range (TR0, TR1 and TR2) of airbrushes released by Iwata, and is basically a plastic grip that fits to the bottom of the airbrush creating a more specific and rounded grip. It comes with a metal extender tube as the grip is longer than the standard set up. The top of the extended tube screws onto the bottom of the airbrush, which already has a large rubber washer inserted to act as a seal. The new plastic grip then slots over the tube before being secured with a large nut at the bottom to stop the grip moving during operation, finally finishing in a standard Iwata thread ready for either the air hose or moisture trap to be fitted again.

Does it make that much of a difference? Well during the time I used it I found the airbrush seems to fit a lot more securely in the hand, and I found it a little easier to spray with it on, experiencing no signs of fatigue whilst spraying. I didn't feel it made any difference in my ability to use the airbrush, but it did feel odd trying to spray again with the handle removed. I feel this is one of those items you will either find useful or you wont. I do feel it offers a slight advantage over the basic set up, but this is more down to comfort than anything else. I didn't feel it got in the way even though it does extend the length of the grip. The only real down side I have is my airbrush no longer fits in its holder any more due to where the handle fits to the brush, but I feel I can live with that. Recommended.
Highs: Hard wearing plastic design that fits the hand, simple to install.
Lows: May not suit everybody, and the airbrush no longer fits in the hanger.
Verdict: Simple design that adds some comfort to the basic TR airbrush. Worth the investment if you feel the need.
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 15, 2009

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I have purchased a Grex Airbrush in the same config as this, however the handle is standard. I have had difficulty with the Traditional airbrush since I sustained a hand injury and asked for and got advise from the members of Armourama. Which convinced me to buy it. This style of airbrush has been a godsend to me and I highly recommend them.
APR 07, 2009 - 07:53 PM

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