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H&S Infinity Airbrush
Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Airbrush
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by: Hilbert Zuijdendorp [ HILBERT ]

Harder & Steenbeck Metallwaren Fabrik is located in Germany and was founded 75 years ago and they not only make airbrushes in several series like the Infinity, Evolution, Grafo, Colani and the Hansa series, but they also make reliable accessories like airbrush holders, stencils and compressors. Almost every advanced model builder uses an airbrush to present his model in the way he likes and probably know what itís like work with an airbrush. The airbrush has infinite (infinite = infinity) possibilities and settings and there are a lot of different kinds of airbrushes on the market.

A model builder that starts with the art of airbrushing is looking for an airbrush that fits into his or her price range. They will buy, if it is possible, a low budget airbrush to learn with and get comfortable with basic techniques. People who have used an airbrush before and know how it works, will buy an airbrush that suits their price range and will grow further to a much more expensive airbrush. My first airbrush was the Hansa 581 and it is an airbrush that works very well for starting air brushers. Eventually with the growing of experience the need for a more advanced Airbrush was needed and I replaced it with the ďInfinityĒ model No. 126543 from Harder & Steenbeck.

The Brush
Harder & Steenbeck succeeded to improve not only the quality of the airbrush, but also the abilities of the spraygun itself. This is why the airbrush can spray more sophisticated than its predecessor but still has the same needle and nozzle. The Infinity comes equipped with the following:

1. 0.15 Nozzle and needle
2. 0.4 Nozzle and needle
3. 2ml Paintcup
4. 5ml Paintcup
5. Quickfix
6. Protecting cap for needle
7. Protecting case
8. Distance cap
9. Tool (for loosening the needle seal from the airbrush)

Additional accessories are also available from H&S in the form of:
1. nozzle sets 0.15/0.2/0.4/0.6 mm
2. distance cap
3. fpc-air valve (fine pressure control)
4. side fitting connector set with two glass cups
5. paint cup 2 ml, 5 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml
6. air line connector
7. nozzle cleaning set (nozzle cleaning needle and brush)
8. screwdriver for assembling of the needle seal

The Infinity is a tremendous looking airbrush. I have to admit it was a pity to remove it from the case but eventually I did. The first thing I noticed was the solid appearance. Everything is working properly and is easy to adjust for the job it has to be done, even the movement of the trigger is adjustable by simply loosening or tightening the small ring behind the trigger. If you do this, a small spring (to push your trigger back in the first position) will make it feel heavier or lighter, a very innovative idea from H&S.

There is also a function on this airbrush that is called Quick-Fix. The name speaks for itself but I will explain exactly what it is used for. The button on the back can be pressed and has numbers from 1 to 6. You activate this button by pressing the silver part of it and, by doing this, the button will be pushed against the needle. By turning the gold part of it, you can then change the position of the needle. It allows for adjustments to personal taste and you can spray very fine lines to achieve the best results. It also eliminates the worry of getting a splash of paint, making it possible to get every line the same. Dots arenít a problem either. If you want to use your trigger manually, like before the Quick-fix, just pull the gold part towards you and the airbrush returns to that mode. Without removing the back of your airbrush, you can easily change the position of the needle and spray very fine lines in the blink of an eye.

Enclosed in the 2 in 1 version of the Infinity is a Distance Cap. The needle protector is cone-shaped, just pull it from the airbrush. (Be warned! If you do this, always pull your needle back inside!!! If you donít you can harm yourself and you can damage the needle!) With the Distance Cap mounted onto your airbrush, in combination with the Quick-fix, you can spray even lines from a specific distance and can even use a ruler to get perfect straight lines. It also allwos you to spray exactly the same dots in the same sizes.

My personal opinion is that this is just an amazing airbrush and very nicely designed. It can spray very sophisticated but it needs some experience from the user do to it being a very advanced airbrush. For the starters among us this is an airbrush that isnít quite suitable but for the more experienced it has a lot of options. It can spray very fine lines and, due to the small parts, is a very complicated tool, a precision instrument that needs care to keep it operating.

The Price of the airbrush might be a bit on the high side with itís Ä215 but considering the options and all the extraís this airbrush has it is money well spent. It is much more expensive then itís predecessor the Evolution but as stated for that money you get a better airbrush. I would advice to go to a store to try the Infinity and get to know the airbrush first before committing to buying. Ultimately, this is an airbrush that will be a great tool for any professional or advanced modeller. The high quality is what you can expect from Harder & Steenbeck and, while the art of airbrushing is in the hands of the user, this airbrush makes it a lot easier!
Highs: A very nice designed airbrush with a lot of options. Price/quality is excellent. And it looks really nice too!
Lows: Not suitable for people that have just started with the art of airbrushing.
Verdict: A nice airbrush for a good price!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: 126543
  Suggested Retail: Ä215
  Related Link: H&S Product Listing
  PUBLISHED: Sep 02, 2008

About Hilbert Zuijdendorp (HILBERT)

Well, About me. I started building models when I was eleven. But since 2004 I build seriously models. Nowadays I try to build models with some scratch or photo etch. An other hobby of mine is playing drums. Currently I study Facility Management on the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

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Thanks for the review Hilbert. Ive been using the H&S evolution for the last few years and dont think they can come much better. I use the 0.2mm set-up all the time and have also bought the quick fix extra. This is a must, because it makes the whole process so simple. Another great thing about this brush is the ease and speed of cleaning. Im planning on getting the 0.15 set-up some day ... then Iīll have paid as much and have the infinity set-up, but the brush will still say evolution on the side
SEP 01, 2008 - 11:24 AM
Nice review Hilbert.
SEP 02, 2008 - 03:35 PM
200+ Euros?! Ouch. But a really excellent review. Lucky is the man who gets a review sample of THAT baby!
SEP 04, 2008 - 09:29 AM
I have one of these brushes, it was my first airbrush. It took me a while to feel comfortable using it, but now after practice on a couple of cheap models, I can't imagine not using it. The more I use it the better I paint It's a stylish well engineered precision tool. Hilbert sums it up very well in his review.
SEP 05, 2008 - 09:47 PM
Thanks for the informative review. Unfortunately a bit out of my price range.
SEP 27, 2008 - 09:54 PM
Fantastic review of an airbrush I would not have considered before. I use Iwata and swear by them but I would love to get my hands on one of those and give it a go. Thanx now I have to go make friends who have that airbrush.
SEP 29, 2008 - 09:37 AM

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