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AMPS Category IV (open-topped) rule question
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Posted: Monday, April 02, 2007 - 07:11 AM UTC
I'm brining (I hope it is done in time..) the new Smart Panther G from DML and want to leave the commanders, drivers and R/O's hatches open. This kit has decent detail on the interior of the crew hatches, I've added more, as well as decent cupola interior detail.

At some point I intend to add figures and place the kit in a diorama, but for this year's show it will be a stand alone vehicle.

Am I reading the rule ( quoted below) correctly that I can enter the kit in category IV, without adding a full aftermarket interior, be judged on the detail in the cupola and the interior of the drivers r/o hatches but will be penalized for not adding the otherwise visable details (seats, transmission, radio, etc..)

If the model has open hatches, and the interior is plainly visible, the entry will go in Category IV (open top or detailed interior). If the modeler uses figures to fill the hatches, the model may be placed in either Categories I, II, or III or Category IV. The interior is not judged in the former case but will be judged in the latter. If there are figures present but hatches are opened for reasons of showing the interior, the entry should go in Category IV. Vehicles with no figures and open hatches will be judged in Category IV, but if unfinished the entrant will lose points for the lack of details.

I am not going to be able to add completed figures before the show.

I thought I had read before that even an unpainted figure can be used to close off an otherwise unfinished interior.

Or can I just blank off the hatches from below with tape, allowing the interior of the crew hatches and the cupola to be seen, but not the remainder of the interior?


also posted to the AMPS judging DG, but I am not sure it will be read and commented on by showtime. It's a little dead over there.

edited after re-re-re-reading the actual rule.. note to self, stop multi-tasking..

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Posted: Monday, April 02, 2007 - 05:01 PM UTC

I'm afraid that if you open up the hatches and don't actually put the figure in, then we will judge the entire interior, all the way to the floor. The lack of completion below the cupola will count against the model. Also, adding a blanking plate under the cupola will have the same effect. Once the top is open, we look at it as if the vehicle was real and we looked into the hatch. Real vehicles don't have blanking plates, so that counts against you. The only way to have the open hatch and not lose points for lack of an interior is to have the figure in the hole.

Hope this clears things up, but feel free to ask for more information.