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Desert Storm on the History Channel
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Posted: Friday, January 10, 2003 - 01:47 PM UTC
I received this email from Jane's.

Monday, January 13 from 9-11 / 8-10CT, Tuesday-Thursday, January 14-16
from 8-11m / 7-10CT and Friday, January 17 from 9-11pm / 8-10CT

With the possibility of a war with Iraq, the Persian Gulf crisis we faced 11
years ago is in our minds now more than ever. Join The History Channel as we
devote a full week to the original Desert Storm conflict and the related events
and crisis that have afflicted the world ever since.

In Operation Desert Storm (Tuesday, January 14 at 8pm / 7CT) we will present
a history of the Persian Gulf War, in three parts -- The Air Campaign, The
Ground War and The Final Showdown. We'll emphasize the technology that
was used in the Gulf and how weapons that had been developed over the past
decades were used in this war.

We'll also look at "Why Can't They Kill Saddam?" (Wednesday, January 15 at
8pm / 7CT), "Saddam's Arsenal" (Wednesday, January 15 at 9pm / 8CT), and "US
Weapons Against Iraq" (Wednesday, January 15 at 10pm / 9CT. In addition,
we'll be re-broadcasting some of our most important programs dealing with the
gulf war and its aftermath, including "Lessons From The Gulf War Leaders"
(Thursday, January 16 at 8pm / 7CT) and "Inside The Mind Of A Suicide
Bomber" (Friday, January 17 at 9pm / 8CT).

Get the background on Iraq and the 1991 Gulf War from History
Click here:

Read profiles of the leaders and decision-makers in the Persian Gulf War
courtesy of our sister-site
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