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The Time Machine
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Posted: Saturday, March 09, 2002 - 04:42 AM UTC
Went to go see The Time Machine on Friday evening. I am a big fan of the George Pal release, and was neutral about seeing how'd they revamp the story for us modern-day viewers. I liked the movie, and recommend it.

Mostly - I liked the Time Machine itself. It would make a nice miniature (lost of brass and chrome), and from a physics standpoint I found the "effects" interesting in that the writers appeared to have envisioned the machine creating a type of local field around itself that allowed Alexander to remain inside of it within his own reference of "time", while the rotational energy of the machine's two poles created a horizon where the universe passes by. Similar to the warp field effect said to be generated in the matter/antimatter reaction in a Star Trek warp engine - only here there's a coronal discharge (blue) of energy marking the boundary of the field. Watching it operate reminded me of what an elementary particle might be like if it were big enough to observe.

Not to give the movie away, I was pleased with a couple of plot changes they made to the story, but was disappointed as it seemed the last part of the movie was hurried - like the editor clamped down and said let's wrap this up! That killed Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - even the music soundtrack seemed disjointed - but that's a different gripe.

Worth going to see!