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Help, Falcon 4.0
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Victoria, Australia
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Posted: Thursday, December 15, 2005 - 06:15 PM UTC
G'day guys
realise this is a somewhat old game by now, but i recently got myself a copy as it was going cheap, and well, frankly im uterly lost with it.
It seems you have to have the knowledge to fly the real F-16 to be able to work out what the hell all the buttons and dials do, as you have to operate them manually, or use the hotkey equivelants.
Has anyone else had a bash with this one, how did you find it?
Is there an easier way to operate it, i messed with the "simplified" settings, they were not so simple.
So far all ive been able to figure out, is throttle, banking and pitching, and also cannons, mainly ive just let autopilot take me on a joy flight :-)
So lads, were any of you able to manage with this one, or should i begin to make reservations at a USAF training academy.
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Texas, United States
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Posted: Friday, December 16, 2005 - 12:25 AM UTC
Get yourself a printer with a full cartridge and print out the docs, you WILL need the docs for the game. I haven't revisited the game in a long time, when I was playing it I had it dumbed down to play simple controls and was going through the training scenarios in the manual. IIRC, there are about 30 training scenarios in the manuals and game. If I had the time I'g go back and start playing again, it's a classic.
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Uusimaa, Finland
Member Since: March 30, 2004
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Posted: Friday, December 16, 2005 - 12:47 AM UTC
Falcon 4.0 has been recently re-released. I've read some reviews and according to them, the game is now how it should have been when it was first released. Many fixes and tweaks have been done.