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Vietcong 2
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Victoria, Australia
Member Since: November 08, 2002
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Posted: Friday, December 09, 2005 - 11:36 AM UTC
Just a heads up for those of you who were thinking of buying this...dont.
Biggest waste of money i have ever spent.
It is nothing like the original, the only thing they carried over, are the controls, and iron sights, other than that, it's nothing alike.
on 13 missions for US, 4 missions for VC, all of which are crap.
For the US, every single mission takes place in Hue, and other than about 3 missions, every single one is identical, run along a war torn street, kill everyone, and well done, your finished.
As for the VC, the whopping 4 missions have you run about for around 5 minutes per level, in the jungle, kill a few soldiers, then its onto the next one.
However there are a few slightly interesting missions, all of which are on the US side, one has you man the twin 50's on a PBR and shoot anything that moves.Multiplayer is ok, however i found it to have the most disapointing and boring single player of any game i have ever played, it certainly does not live up to it's predecessor, as i mentioned, very few features have been carried over, there is no searching bodies for intel and ammo, no returning to base camp to practice at the range and test weapons, no 60's music, no rides in Huey's, infact the huey features about 5 times and only for a few seconds at that.
Overall, dont waste your money, if you have Vietcong and Fist Alpha, then stick with that, as VC2 in short, is a downgraded, duller version of VC, with prettier grahics, and poor gameplay.
Cheers just needed to vent my disapointment with the worthless plastic disk that emptied my wallet for some time to come :-)
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New South Wales, Australia
Member Since: December 01, 2004
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Posted: Friday, December 09, 2005 - 01:20 PM UTC
Sorry David should have warned you about this one!
I was a huge fan of V.C 1 (played as Unsavoury_Type in the *AUS* clan)
The members of AUS clan got to trial the expansion packs and all patches prior to release. ( Jarek the lead dev actually used to use my server as a test bed - from CZ to AU the lag must be bad but it was a quad cpu box with a 20Mb fibre connection so he liked it)
The 2nd I am sad to say is utter, utter crap.
Stay well clear you have been warned!
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Victoria, Australia
Member Since: November 08, 2002
entire network: 2,832 Posts
KitMaker Network: 680 Posts
Posted: Friday, December 09, 2005 - 01:45 PM UTC
All this got me wondering, was VC2 made by the same team? i acutally think it was, but if not, then thats obviously the reason.
If it was, then god knows what went wrong.
ah well, at least i have a very expensive beer coaster now. :-)

P.S. i really like how they gave the "Aussie" troops, all 3 of them, the traditional, and at that stage, parade only, slouch hat to run about in while under fire... the backwards Australian and New zealand flags were also a nice toutch... :-)
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Ontario, Canada
Member Since: January 11, 2003
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Posted: Friday, December 09, 2005 - 06:05 PM UTC
Well, the disc should make a nice shiney coaster for the table...

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Texas, United States
Member Since: June 01, 2004
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Posted: Saturday, December 10, 2005 - 03:26 AM UTC
Bought it a few weeks ago and back it went the next day, didn't have the proper card for it (TI4200 here). Picked up a far superior game instead, Sniper Elite and have enjoyed that one much more. Heard this was crap after I had picked it up and found out the problems I had with it, very disappointing. At least we have COD2 which kicks butt!
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Massachusetts, United States
Member Since: January 20, 2005
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Posted: Saturday, December 10, 2005 - 08:06 PM UTC
I made the mistake of buying this game too. I loved the first game very much. Endless hours of entertainment. The second version is like you said... Crap! I didn't get past the first 3 missions without absolutely hating it. And there it sits on my shelf. I really hate an industry that is protected and you can't return the product because if I could, this sucker would be returned in a heart beat.