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Wintering Techniques
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Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002 - 08:04 AM UTC
Does anyone have suggestions (or maybe a reference site/book) to "winterize" models/dioramas? I think I have techniques for adding snow effects and paint schemes. I also have a good understanding of doing a full coverage snow effect.

What I'm looking for is suggestions on how to do things like:
- make clumps of snow along the sides of roads where it's been plowed/pushed aside
- color said lumps to reflect dirt, exhaust, and other pollutants
(snow on the road is never white for long)
- techniques for producing icicles (overnight accumation on armor, etc.)
- techniques for frosting windows/windshields

In essence, I'm looking for all the little things that would make a model/diorama look "cold" rather than something that was white-washed and plopped into the middle of a snow-globe.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have.
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Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002 - 08:15 AM UTC
Take a look at Kencelot's M4 Sherman and some of the great Diorama builder's work here in our Gallery. As fine of a assemblage of techniques and ideas you'll find concetrated in one place.

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Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002 - 08:39 AM UTC

To make the snow drifts etc, you can cut them out of styrofoam, make them out of plaster, and make out of cellu clay, hell, a block of wood in appropriate size and shape would work fine also. The goal is to build up the surface from underneath, and then put your ground work on top of that.
As for exhausts, dirt, mud etc, pastels would work good for the exhausts, and maybe by mixing white pastels with brown you can get the snow dirtied up.

Ive made icicles from tooth picks carved to shape and stretched sprue and then painted, with pretty good results.

As for frost...hmm...maybe a very light spray of a light gray on the windsheild or window.
Hope this is of some help