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Posted: Friday, March 04, 2005 - 01:21 AM UTC
I'll always try to find the best deals, and tell as many as I can about them, and I hope everybody else shares my enthusiasm on helping all of us save as much money as possible, when we can.

Like the other week I found clamps for a quarter, and now I don't know why nobody said that Mission Models has the Flex-I File for $9.95, of course that is one frame, where Micro Mark makes you buy 3 sets at once, but now you have a choice, if money is running a little low.

They also have flex pads that you can do some fine sanding with, they got 1,500 fine, 3,200 fine, and 6,000 x fine grit, so we are talking some smooth jobs, when Micro Mark only went to 600 grit, I knew there had to be smoother out there then 600 grit.

Now I don't know where everybody has been getting there plastic supplies at, but I stumbled across this place down in Georgia, called Hobbylinc.com, and they seemed to have a lot better prices then all the other places I have looked at for Evergreen, or Plastruct, and they even carry Midwest Products, which a lot of people haven't even heard about, but they are out of the Netherlands, and I was only able to get one piece from them, cause I was just seeing how they were.

Now their packaging is second to none, it comes in a hard plastic case, with a plug on each end to protect your product, but they don't have near as much as the other 2 companies, but they do have some.

So that is another place to keep in mind if you decide to order plastic products, of course they carry just about everything else to, but I was impressed with their plastic prices.

Now that is Hobbylinc.com in Loganville Ga. I'm not giving this for a discount, I'm giving this cause they have good prices, if you want to use it, then great, but if not then that is OK to, like I said this is just to help, you check the prices for yourself, and compare, they beat most places by .60 a pack or better.

The last time I was there their Evergreen stock was running low, so hopefully they got in a new shipment, but their Plastruct was either 15 to 17 pages long.

I hope this has been helpful