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Sanding flex pads at micro-mark
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Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2005 - 02:00 AM UTC
I own the triple grit one, so I know it is good, but them others, cause I bought a combination pack of sanding wand belts at this other place, and all them other grits were almost useless for plastic. I found out these are different grits then the flex pads now.

But a couple of the grits compare, between the sanding wand and the flex pad, like the 320, that was the heaviest I used on the sanding wand, and it left heavy scars.

So I don't know if these are the same, or have more grit then what them were, but I used the 320 grit out of that set to get off the real heavy model names off that 1/32 AMT model, which was a real hard plastic.

Now I had to change this, these sanding wand belts only go up to 400 I see now, no wonder they are so rough, I knocked off the high lettering with the 320, then hit it with the 400, then the 600, from the triple pad, then finished it with that triple flex pad.

Now who would use the 240, and the 120 grits, maybe I just haven't seen that bad of a job yet, but the clean up after using them, the scars they would leave, the 320 left bad enough.

Here I was thinking the sanding wand belts had a 600, when it only went up to 400, my apologies, and I must of looked at this book a hundred times, and never seen this before.