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Horrors of war
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Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - 06:27 AM UTC
We all love our hobby and in some cases the memories the finished model bring back to us, be they land, sea or air platforms...
I want to post these 2 links for people to listen to so people, particularly so non military people can see a different side to things and how these models we create have a real deadly life in the real world and all that entails.

They are part of a BBC blog concerning blue on blue and conflict PTSD. So credit to the BBC. The lad who is in the second part Danny, was someone I worked with in Windsor while part of the Household Cavalry Regt, and these 2 podcasts are mainly about the blue on blue we had in Gulf 2 when an A10 took out 2 of our CVRTs and it also about the effects it had on the war correspondent embedded with the Troop.
This isn't about blame or anything like that, I just found them very moving and emotional and I wanted to let others hear it and understand the hard sometimes deadly effect things have on people.
I would also like to thank all my fellow military servers, past, present and future for your dedication and commitment to which ever nation you served and whatever branch of the military you were part of.

If these links don't work could I very kindly ask one of the admin gurus to correct them.


This podcast mostly focuses on Danny and what he went through as he talks to the journo who was in his Spartan for most of the conflict.


If the links work direct from here you may need to register with the BBC before they play, I had to do it, and it's just an age thing I think due to the content, but it only took me 2 minutes and I promise you it is well worth it. I hope people find it as moving as I did.
I also work with Danny's brother now.. we were all same unit now his bro works with me in our new unit.

Forgot to mention, these are audio links only and please comment if you feel you want to.

Stay safe

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Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - 05:34 PM UTC
Links worked for me without registration, I only had to tick the box that I am over 16 (ohh, that was 40 years ago ...time flies ...) and choose play without the 'parental guidance'