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German lights on US tanks.
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Posted: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 10:04 AM UTC
How many extra lights and mirrors? did the Bundeswehr put on their US tanks? I have seen that they put on a extra light at each front fender. But a varying number at the back, with the M48 having 2 extra at each fender and 2 at the back. The M41 1 extra at each fender and 2 at the back. And what about the M47?
Was it any fixed rule for this or?

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Ole Sæterbø
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Posted: Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 04:25 AM UTC
You might get more answers if you post in the Armor/AFV forum, but from what I recall the aim was to get the tanks up to normal highway regs as far as lights go. That means lights near the outer edge of the tank (to indicate how wide it is to passing drivers) as well as adding visible turn indicators. On the M47 that meant white rectangular lights on the front fenders just in front of the first toolbox, and on the back the US Army taillights were replaced with round lamps split with orange on top (turn indicators) and red below. A circular red reflector was added to the end of each fender, pretty much in the centre of the back edge, and another at the bottom of the final drive covers. There is a circular "cup" with small orange and red lights similar to those on a Leopard 1 - I think these are for field use. See this pic. On the M48, the US taillights are replaced by the small lights, and the larger round orange/red taillights are mounted on the fenders in a protective bracket on the last fender brace.

Hope this helps!