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Andy Capp, WW2 Veteran
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Illinois, United States
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Posted: Monday, February 25, 2019 - 12:53 PM UTC
I have a collection of Andy Capp books, and there are several relating to his old military service. One has Florrie telling Rube about Andy driving her to the a weapons carrier. Another has Andy wearing his military coat to a pub, and a man mocks, "'Ere comes Montgomery 'imself! What did you get that stripe for, mate? Snooker?" Andy gives him a big punch, and the man concludes that it wasn't for good conduct. Yet another has him going out into the rain with the coat, and Florrie mockingly comments that the war's been over for twenty years, and Andy replies that it's warm, and that's all the cares about it. "It dates yer, yer know!" she responds, so he takes off the coat.

Wonder if there was any more information about Andy Capp's military career in the comics?
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Arkansas, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 09:24 AM UTC
Last one reminds me of Ptc. Doss' father attending his hearing in a WWI uniform.
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Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 09:16 AM UTC
We were just talking today about all the old cartoons most of us grew up with. The nephew who's in his late 30's, grand nephew 4, told us that none of the old shows are on TV anymore, TOO violent. Everything is PC now a days.
Anyhoo, I remember seeing OLD cartoons where the characters were helping out with the war effort. Bugs Bunny and some Gremlins on a German bomber seems to stand out in the old, slow firing, analog memory banks. I sure that there were others.
I miss old Andy Capp too.