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Tony Kornhieser's last show-Repost
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Vermont, United States
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Posted: Friday, March 26, 2004 - 09:40 AM UTC
I had originally put this is the Off Topic Area, but reealized this was probably a more appropriate place.

Do I know Tony? No. But he's been as much a trusted comrade at work over the last 6 years as anyone. Yes I can still catch him on 'PTI', but thats just not the same. Just like getting pcitures from 'Wojo' on e-mail from Iraq isn't the same. I know he and Tony are doing what they do best in a seemingly far off place, but I'm not there on a personal level to share in thier lives. What makes TK's departure from ESPN worse is I know he'll be back on the radio, probably in Washington D.C. and almost certainly not national. That means that I won't be able to share in his antics and insights and I think that more than anything is what makes me sad. My hope is someone has the forsight to put his show on the internet or satellite radio so I can can reconnect with him and reunite with my friend MR. Tony.

Thanks for the 'Classic' last show Tony and I hope to see you again soon. And, unlike the Billy Joel song you closed with today, I hope these aren't 'the last words you'll have to say' on the radio.

You fan/long distance friend Brian