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Am looking for I-15 accessories
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Posted: Friday, September 28, 2018 - 02:41 AM UTC
Recently, I bought a new kit, a 1/72 Encore Ant-5 fighter. As there aren't many pre-war Soviet airplane model kits around, this intrigued me, as I am somewhat familiar with the early works of Andre Tupolev(I really do wish that some kit manufacturer would be brave enough to kit an Ant-1, which was Tupolev's first design, and a real cutey in its own right), I got this.

The kit itself is nice, but basic, so I thought I'd try to address the cockpit issues, because as an opebn cockpit fighter, that is one place that is the first place a modeller will center on, and as there are few photos of this(all exterior), I decided to do what any desperate scale modeller will do when faced with such a dilemma, steal from somewhere else, and since the Polikarpov I-15 fighter was roughly contemporary, and since like all other modellers, I'm lazy, I thought I'd ask if there are any I-15 accessories available, especially the cockpit.

If not, that's not much of a problem. As I stated, I'm lazy, but only to a point. A few years back, I was able to buy a copy of Polygon "Warbirds No. 1, I-5, I-15, and I-15 bis". This is a Russian language tome, and also has a lot of photos, including cockpit shots.

I'll just revert to when there were no such things as resin accessories, and scratch the cockpit myself, when the time comes, and as expected, I will be posting shots of this after completion. And anyone who tells me, "that's not the right cockpit; that's straight out of an I-15", my response will be the Golden Raspberry, because I would then request photos of the right cockpit, which might look pretty much the same as that being protested.

After all, the operant word here is "fun", not "picky picky picky". Apologies to all purists.